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Balance Payoff MCA Consolidation Program

MCA Consolidations Inc facilitates several types of MCA Consolidation programs. One of those programs is a balance payoff or balance buyout program. This merchant cash advance consolidation program will take all of your business’s existing MCA balances and will consolidate them into one payment. This can either be a monthly or weekly payment, depending upon what your business qualifies for.

With a balance payoff or buyout MCA debt relief program, there is usually no working capital provided. Working capital comes from a cash back or cash out program. While there is no cash back there are certainly advantages to getting all of your MCA balances consolidated into one payment.

The first advantage is that your cash flow will be less stressed. You will have more free cash because an MCA consolidation will lower your monthly debt service costs between 405 to 60%.

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Being consolidated will also put you back in a first position. This means that if you are successful in making your MCA consolidation payments for a while, should you need more cash, you will be able to get it at a better rate.

MCA Consolidations Inc. can help your business or practice with all of its MCA consolidation needs. Also, if for some reason, your business does not qualify for an MCA consolidation we may have other options to help ease your business out of this type of debt once and for all.

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